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How to eye-ball appropriate portion sizes

Posted By Leanna Pulver

People struggle every day with understanding the appropriate amount of protein, vegetables, starches, and fats to eat. Listed below are very basic tips to help you understand and visualize what an appropriate portion size should look like on your plate without any measuring cups or scales. The size of your fist is approximately 1 cup […]

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Make an Appointment

Posted By Jen Swallow

  Initial Consultation Includes Analysis of: Body Fat Total Calorie Needs Waist Circumference Ideal Body Weight Waist:Hip Ratio Protein Needs BMI Calculation Blood Pressure Disease Risk Evaluation Weight Loss Goals Medical Nutrition Therapy Nutrition Goals Personalized Meal Plan Exercise Goals Online Consultation Medical Nutrition Therapy Total Calorie Needs Personalized Meal Plan Ideal Body Weight BMI […]

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