Garlic – Benefits as “good as having 10 mothers” -Guido Mase

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Garlic is known worldwide for its healing powers for example, it played a role during the bubonic plague. Although garlic is a staple in Italian cuisine its origins are likely from somewhere in central Asia. Garlic is part of the family Alliaceae which is otherwise known as the onion family thus the similar structures. There are certain claims that garlic is not healthy to consume because it does more harm than good. This is simply not true. Harm from foods like garlic are only caused when there is an underlying factor such as stomach ulcers, digestive issues, and heartburn. Garlic could make these ailments worse but studies also shows it could help the body heal from those same ailments. The important factor is to listen to YOUR body. Unless there’s an underlying digestive issue garlic is safe to use and has plenty of benefits!


Garlic is considered a carminative herb packed with phytochemicals (plant chemicals that aid the body). Carminative herbs tend to help digestion move along and prevent constipation as well as bloating and painful gas. Garlic is also rich in prebiotics which are the food for the bacteria in your gut. A gut microbiome lacking in certain bacteria can cause digestive issues as well as an overall imbalance of the body and its hormones. There is also a misconception that garlic can harm the good gut bacteria this is only true if taken in high doses. See recommendations below!

More benefits include:

  • Antimicrobial

  • Possible appetite stimulant

  • Wound healing – during World War I garlic was used to treat soldier wounds and is the reason many limbs and lives were saved during battles.

  • Can help prevent or resolve colds/flu by reducing the severity of the disease due to its ability to enhance the immune system and break down mucus.

  • Can help lower blood pressure and blood sugar.


  • Eat 1-2 cloves a day for health benefits. Cloves NOT bulbs. Eating a high dosage of garlic could create an imbalance of good vs bad gut bacteria.  

Helpful tips:

  • Remember that garlic could make certain ailments such as heartburn and stomach ulcers worse therefore it is best if garlic is cooked to avoid discomfort for those with those conditions

  • If using garlic as an immune system enhancer for colds/flu fresh raw garlic is best and typically works better on congestion of mucus if it’s eaten throughout the day not just in one sitting.

    • Fun fact: garlic oil is often used to rub the feet of a person affected by the cold/flu and is able to improve congestion of mucus. (recipe below)

  • Garlic has a strong smell and thus can stink up your breath quickly. Something that could help is chewing fresh parsley after to alleviate the smell.

Garlic  oil


  1. 2 garlic cloves

  2. 2 tbsp olive oil


  1. Mince garlic cloves finely. Let is stand for 8 minutes

  2. Place garlic in container with the olive oil and let it stand for 2 hours

  3. Strain to remove all solid pieces of garlic

  4. Rub feet with oil created and immediately put socks on (maybe two pairs may be needed).

  5. Do not reuse.

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