Dietetic Intern (Michelle Quiñones)

My name is Michelle Quinones. I recently graduated from Florida International University with a Bachelor’s degree in Dietetics and Nutrition. I’m currently an intern at Oakwood University and am completing one of my rotations with Fit with Jen. I gained an interest in nutrition when I took my first nutrition class in college and realized how vital food is to our health. My reason for choosing this field of study is to be able to help our community and teach people about nutrition so they may be educated enough to prevent chronic disease. My main goal is to be able to educate children early on so they may learn healthy habits which will stay with them as they grow. Another goal I have is to, in the future, work with nonprofit organizations to educate and provide resources to low socioeconomic communities on nutrition and health.
In regards to nutrition education, I was fortunate to have volunteered for the Common Threads program in Miami last summer, which allowed me to practice my leadership, management, and communication skills. The program’s focus was to give weekly nutrition lessons to children, ages 6-10, in summer camps and show them different snacks and preparation techniques that they could also incorporate at home. I was able to gain my audience’s confidence which led them to try new foods that they thought they wouldn’t like. I was able to follow the lesson plans and manage my time so that I could engage my audience in the lessons. This made them confident that they could do it themselves at home which showed a great deal of self-efficacy. As I taught the nutrition lessons weekly to the children, I found that many counselors and workers at the camp were also very interested in the lessons and were interested in how they could better their health. They would ask questions about the information taught so that they, themselves, could slowly make lifestyle changes.
While working with Jen, I am excited to practice what I have learned and work with clients to achieve their health goals.