Dietetic Intern (Chanel Hall)

My name is Chanel Hall and I am 23 years old. I am a Senior Dietetics and Nutrition major at Keiser University. I always enjoyed the entire food process growing up. It was always so fun to go into my aunt’s garden and watch how food would grow from tiny seeds. Growing up in Jamaica she was able to teach me so much about the properties that different plants possessed. I even enjoyed cooking and baking from a small age and I would try to create my own recipes of my favorite foods. As I got older, I began to take a deeper look at how food impacted the health of those who lived in my community.

I noticed the amount of people in my community and in my family, who suffered from chronic diseases. Naturally I wanted to help so I began looking at ways that I could make a difference which lead me to become a yoga instructor. As a yoga instructor I can help others manage stress and although it is very important it was not enough. I realized that the members of community lacked the nutrition education necessary to make the best choices for their health. Therefore, I decided to purse a degree in nutrition, and I want to work as a community Dietitian once passing the RD exam. My main goal is to bring education to those who need it the most so they can make lifelong changes instead of just using fad diets.