Dietetic Intern (Lesley-Ann Maragh)

Hi, I am Lesley-Ann Maragh, a final year Dietetic and Nutrition student at Keiser University. I am passionate about food science and how the body uses food to nourish and heal itself. I have not always made healthy food choices but I have learnt a lot and it has helped me to make smarter, healthier choices as I learn the pathology and physiology of the human body. And it is my goal to assist others to make healthy choices as they learn.
I love helping people which initially led me to pursue a career in nursing. But after my first semester in University, I realized that although I loved helping and giving of myself for the well-being of others, Nursing was not the right fit. As most diseases can be prevented through simple lifestyle changes, and it’s not only about curing or trying to alleviate pain and suffering. But remedying the situation from the beginning or prevention. Health is a treasure and majority of the diseases plaquing society today are due to ignorance and if individuals knew that they are what they eat then they would try to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Ignorance is death but true knowledge is light, and life once practiced, and that is something that I aim to do, educate, and let people know that they have an option, and their health is up to them.
I strongly support the idea that no man is an island are we are our brother’s keeper, therefore, it is each man’s responsible to be disseminators of the light we have been given, and our talents should be used to help others and be a positive change to society. Thus, with the wealth of knowledge garnered I can seek to educate and live an exemplary lifestyle to transform the life of one individual at a time.