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Along with nutrition and fitness, eliminate unhealthy habits:



Free fact sheets and brochures about exercise from the American College of Sports Medicine

Great info on type and intensity of exercise for weight loss from CDC

Find your target heart rate for an effective workout

Already advanced? Try a free routine at your own risk!

Plant-Based bodybuilding is a healthy alternative to the regular bodybuilding lifestyle

Vegan bodybuilding tips & exercise videos

Inspiration: what a vegan man can do 



Did you know that food is a bigger global warming contributor than cars/transportation? 

Eating fish causes a great deal of environmental damage.

Running out of fish: how bycatch is ruining the sea.

How much water does it take to produce the food you eat?

Fish farming is not the answer. 

Methane is 20 times more potent than CO2 


Where does your food come from and was is humanely produced? 




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