Environment & Overpopulation


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Eco-friendly Choices
  1. Find a farmer’s market or local produce source to buy your fruits and veggies.
  2. Choose an apartment or home close to your job whenever possible. If you are searching for a job, try to find one near your home.
  3. If you have flex time, then work 4 days instead of 5 days per week and save gas money.
  4. Shop at local thrift stores for furniture, toys, clothes, and other goods. You can always sterilize them with anti-bacterial solution, bleach or boiling water.
  5. Eat lower on the food chain; animal foods use more energy to produce.
  6. Bike or walk to every possible destination.
  7. Take the stairs instead of the elevator when you enter a building.
  8. Use a sewing kit to repair clothes or linens with holes instead of buying new products.
  9. Wash and reuse plastic sandwich bags and resealable bags.
  10. Place your labeled recycle bin near the trash can so guests are more likely to use it.
  11. Use a manual old-fashioned reel lawn mower in place of a gas powered mower. (You probably need the exercise!)
  12. Shop on craigslist and other websites that have second-hand kitchen ware, sports equipment, and auto parts available.
  13. Buy large tote bags at a thrift store and use them every time you shop for groceries.
  14. Take your permanent tote bags when you shop for clothing, tools, books, or any non-food items.
  15. Keep tote bags in your vehicle. After unloading groceries, take empty bags back to the vehicle.
  16. Choose a gym close to your house or job so you can walk or run there instead of driving.
  17. Print on both sides of the paper when you want a physical copy of a document.
  18. Use a fan instead of an air conditioning unit whenever possible.
  19. If you have empty rooms, close all vents in your house except for the vents inside your room.